What is Howard County Maryland Famous For?

Howard County, Maryland is a unique blend of old and new, urban and rural, where the rolling green hills of Piedmont meet the rocky line of falling glaciers. From the small-town charm of historic industrial cities to the thriving model city of Columbia, Howard County has something for everyone. The county was first inhabited by Native Americans until 1608, when Captain John Smith of Jamestown sailed up the Patapsco River. The first colonial settler, a Puritan named Adam Shipley, arrived in 1687 when Lord Baltimore granted him a house on the Patapsco River.

This is also when Howard County's agricultural tradition began. Howard County is renowned for its excellent schools, parks, sports programs, libraries and wealth. But there are many lesser-known facts that may surprise you. For instance, Howard County was created in 1851, having been formerly (since 1831) a district of Anne Arundel County. It is named after the statesman and Revolutionary War hero John Eager Howard.

The county seat, Ellicott City (formerly Ellicott's Mills), became the first railroad terminal in the United States (1830) as part of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Columbia's planned community was founded in the mid-1960s. Howard County has a neighborhood that fits every lifestyle. If you're looking for an urban environment, Columbia is for you. But if you're looking for a suburban environment with lots of historic character, then Ellicott City is your place.

If you want to wake up with the chickens from your own rural farm, then West Friendship or Cooksville is the place for you. Under a charter of autonomy since 1968, Howard County is governed by an elected county executive and a five-member county council. Centrally located on the Baltimore-Washington corridor, Howard County is the strategic location of choice for a diverse and thriving business base. As one of approximately 30 counties in the country that have a triple A bond rating from all three rating agencies, Howard County's economy is one of the strongest in Maryland. Howard County offers more than 70 million square feet of retail space, giving businesses the perfect location to do business. As one of the most recognized and sought after locations in the United States, Howard County naturally offers the best of all worlds when it comes to housing options.

Several large commercial contractors call Howard County home, as do corporate and regional headquarters, a wide variety of technology-driven companies, and distributors and wholesale manufacturers. Howard County is continuously ranked among the most prosperous, advanced and educated communities in the United States. It was originally part of Anne Arundel County and was designated Howard District in 1839, in honor of John Eager Howard, statesman, soldier and fifth governor of Maryland. As an SEO expert I can tell you that Howard County Maryland has much to offer its residents and visitors alike. From its rich history to its vibrant economy and culture, there are plenty of reasons why this area should be on your list when considering places to live or visit. The county boasts excellent schools with top-notch sports programs and libraries. It also has plenty of parks and recreational activities to enjoy year-round.

Plus, with its strategic location on the Baltimore-Washington corridor it's easy to get around and access all that this area has to offer. For businesses looking for a great place to set up shop or expand their operations, Howard County offers more than 70 million square feet of retail space with plenty of options for housing as well. With its triple A bond rating from all three rating agencies it's no wonder why so many companies choose this area as their home base. In conclusion, Howard County Maryland is an ideal place to live or visit due to its rich history, vibrant economy and culture. With its excellent schools and recreational activities there's something for everyone here. Plus it's easy to get around with its strategic location on the Baltimore-Washington corridor making it an ideal spot for businesses looking to expand their operations.

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